PC: Deviant art by Memood.


When you see a movie, you see the hero therein, admit it, for a moment you do wish that story, so perfect, so right, was yours, with you as the hero? Now do take a moment to realise, between your wishes and the reality the difference is just of a screen.

Every morning when your make your way from your living place to your work place, the thousands of the undesirables that you dodge off your way like an armed horseman fighting the infantry. Or be it living through those moments, when you felt how good it would be if you could just start over again. Pushing through those dead ends, keeping your pieces together was no less than that man, saving his clan on the screen, you admire.

The story you are living every moment, where things happen as a sequel of your actions, the character you are every day, is no less heroic than that hero in his movie you last saw.

But your story, baby, is way bigger. Bigger than any screen can ever fit in itself. More legendary than any writer can ever think of. More heroic than any hero can ever portray, other than you.

So the next time you see a movie and imagine you substituting the hero there, do remember that your story is far greater and you, dear, are larger than any epic you’ve ever seen.


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