There’s no such happening as by chance. Nothing happens just by chance. The kite you missed was meant to be claimed away by the wind; The island you somehow managed to set your foot onto, was meant to house you ever since your feet had taken form; And if you’re arrested by the brilliance of an explosion, rest assured that you were destined to be under its arrest, be taken by its brilliance.

And not a single leaf that touches you, leaves you the same.

Everyone you meet on your way, takes, or in the least, moulds a part of you. Whether it be a matter of moments or ages, the dynamical way in which your mind has responded to every wave that has ever hit you, was as much entitled to your being as your breathing. It’s natural to miss what did not last, though, it gets all the more embarrassing to realize what if what has been lost was not meant to be lost the way it did; to what it did. It takes immense force to keep yourself from being reminded of what is no more there. An irony in itself, forgetting that is; The more you realize you’ve forgotten it; the more it comes for you. Reminiscence, of moments; only as beautiful as painful, of you; only as fulfilling as incomplete.


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